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Value of a Surveyor's Real Property Report

A Surveyor's Real Property Report is a great investment when you own property. It will...


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Subdivision Design & Planning

A Subdivision is any reconfiguration of property lines. Subdivisions can be used to move property lines between adjacent land owners to allow room to build a garage or shed. Sometimes they are used to move property lines to remove encroachments. Designing for larger subdivisions is done using topographic information, aerial photos and on-site surveys. Many factors are looked at when designing subdivisions. The road network within the subdivision must be located so that it follows the existing contours. Each parcel created must be of sufficient size with proper road frontage. Lots need to be created so that they can be built on in order to have any economic value.

Some of the factors that are looked at when designing the subdivision are to try to design the roads to run in an east west direction. This will help orientate the houses in a direction to take advantage of the heat from the sun. We also try to keep from creating a lot directly across from a T-intersection. This helps keep vehicle headlights from shining in the windows of a dwelling. There are special concerns when the subdivision has any significant water bodies contained within it. The Department of Environment has many rules regarding the use of the land within a significant water source and land adjacent to them.