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Technology Advances Reduce Cost

Advances in technology has enabled us to be more efficient. This efficency saves us time and you money. Using equipment like Real Time Kinematic (RTK) Satellite Navigation we can always work forward. This makes the process of marking property lines easier as we no longer need to have intervisibility along property lines. RTK GNSS works very well when there is no tree growth or tall buildings. These features cause problems with GNSS due to multipath. In most cases these poor topographic features can be overcome.

In the old days, pre RTK, we had to traverse along the property lines using a total station. The total station was able to measure distances accuratly with a laser and could turn and measure angles. Using the total stations we could traverse around a property better and more accuratly than using a compass and a chain(tape measure). The problem with the total station was you need intervisibility between the surveyed points. this usually involved shortening the distances between points to allow for visability over the topography. This method also involved not only looking forward to where you want to go, but also looking back to where you were. We needed to look back in order to have a reference point for our angles and also a check on our distance. This constant moving back and forth takes alot of time and involved moving more equipment around.

Value of a Surveyor's Real Property Report

A Surveyor's Real Property Report is a great investment when you own property. It will give you peace of mind knowing where you stand. Without a SRPR you would not know for sure that your house or garage are on your property and that there are no easements running through your property. A SRPR will show any encroachments that concern your property. You will receive a plan showing the location of any improvements such as buildings, driveways, fences, walkways, etc. and any easements/right of ways on or adjacent to your property.